Student Poster Competition

Students are invited to submit their finest poster through your Instagram account. The best posters selected by AGI members will be exhibited at AGI Poster Exhibition.




Nowadays it has never been more important that we strive to build a better society that values the unique cultural heritage of each region and respects a diversity of cultural and value perspectives. 

You are asked to express through a poster what India can give to the world, based on the theme of “Regional”.



B1 size poster(Width: 728mm ☓ Length: 1030mm)

You are required to include the word “Regional” in some form.

*Posters contrary to public order and morality shall be excluded from the competition.



Students studying design in India as of 2018.


●Entry Deadline

Friday, October 31, 2018


●Entry Fee



●How to enter

Post a picture of your poster to your Instagram account using the hashtag #agi_adypu_2018

*By the end of October, the entries have been selected on Instagram, and the winning posters will be announced at the AGI in India event.

*The winning posters will be inkjet printed in B1 size and displayed at the AGI Poster Exhibition venue. In order to achieve this, the winners must submit the size of B1 poster data.  (JPG or TIFF/200dpi/5732px×8110px)

*Further details will be included in the email notifying the winners. 



Grand prix: 1 prize (certificate and commemorative gift)

Gold prize: 1 prize(certificate and commemorative gift)

Silver prize: 1 prize (certificate and commemorative gift)

Prize: Number of prizes will be considered during the selection.

*Winners will be invited to the panel sessions and award ceremony on November 22 and 23. Awards ceremony held by AGI in India to receive their prizes. (November 23, 2018 at Ajeenkya DY Patil University, Auditorium)

*Winning entries will be displayed at the AGI Poster Exhibition (November 22 – December 21 at Ajeenkya DY Patil University).



Sonia Manchanda (India)

Sudhir Sharma (India)

Nikki Gonnissen (Netherlands)

Dean Poole (New Zealand)

Tommy Li (Hong Kong/China)

Evelyn ter Bekke (France, Netherlands)

Dirk Behage (France)

Taku Satoh (Japan)





1. Posters entered in this competition must be original works not infringing the intellectual property rights of third parties. If a poster is found to infringe on such rights, any prize announced by the judges may be rescinded. 

2. The poster copyright shall be attributed to the creator.

3. The organizer may post the winning posters and the winner’s name, university and year level on the website, display at the exhibition, or publicize them for the purpose of this project or other public purpose. 

4. All costs associated with the creation of the poster, transport and accommodation costs related to participation in the awards ceremony and exhibition shall be borne by the award entrant. 

5. The organizer is not responsible for any issues arising from entry posters.